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Worm Castings - Vermicompost

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1 Gallon - $10
5+ Gallons - $40
25+ Gallons - $175
50+ Gallons - $300

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5 Gallon Bucket = $5
27 Gallon Tub = $15

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Occasionally we have worm mixtures available! *** Mixtures are currently IN STOCK

A mixture of: Adults, Juvenile, Babies and Cocoons in a microbial rich bedding. Both "Red Wigglers" (Eisenia fetida) and European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia hortensis) are available.

We don't sell worms by the count or by the pound. Instead, a mix containing lots of adults, babies and cocoons are sold by the gallon. A gallon of worm mixture will be enough to start one or two 20 gallon tubs of compost. This allows for a healthy starter to your vermicomposting needs.

Worm Mixtures are sold by the gallon


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Creating Worm Castings for the Local Boulder and Colorado Communities

Worm Castings are worm poop created from compost worms (aka. Vermicastings). The waste produced by worms at VermiColorado is derived from feed consisting of organic waste materials, not manure. It is rich in micro-nutrients and full of micro-organisms. VermiColorado utilizes a combination of "Red Wigglers" (Eisenia fetida) and European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia hortensis) in our vermicompost.

Our castings are utilized primarily for organic fertilizer hence, we supplement our feed with a combination of basalt rock dust and diatomaceous earth. This increases the Silica and Micro-nutrient levels of our castings. By introducing the elements while composting, it allows the additional nutrients to be readily available.

All Vermicompost and Vermiculture are created in Boulder, Colorado. Finished Worm Castings are screened to ensure a pure product. Worm Castings or Vermicast can be utilized for a variety of uses. Including: Vegetable Gardens, Marijuana Cultivation, Trees, Lawns, Compost Tea, Fertilizer, Flowers, Fruits, Hydroponics, House Plants and endless other users.

Remember: Worm Castings make excellent compost tea. Worm Tea only requires a cup or 2 of castings mixed with water and molasses aerated for a period of time. Worm Teas can be applied throughout the growing cycle.

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Couldn't be happier with the Organic castings. Our compost teas are healthier than ever. We even started top dressing our plants with fresh castings.


Greenhouse Manager
After utilizing fresh worm castings for my seedlings, I saw a huge improvement in growth and health of my plants. With continued use throughout the growing season, my largest harvest was achieved.


Home Vegetable Gardener
Utilizing castings as organic fertilizer has allowed our production facilities to increase yield. Creating compost teas have eliminated many unwanted pest and mildew.


Cannabis Cultivator


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